Specialist Retention Services

Evidence shows that 1 in 4 adults experience mental ill health at some time in their life. Every organisation will therefore have employees with mental ill health issues that impact on performance and attendance, have a knock-on effect on workmates and so cause problems for the employer. The Equality Act 2010 states that employers must make reasonable adjustments for mental ill health, as for any other disability. This is where Minding Your Business can help.

We can help any type of employer, of any size:

  • Local authorities, NHS Trusts, police and any other public services
  • Schools, colleges and higher education establishments
  • Private and commercial companies in any sector
  • Voluntary Sector organisations and social enterprises (VCSE sector)

How our Specialist Employment Service works:

  • All Minding Your Business sessions are objective, impartial and tailored to meet individual needs;
  • Initial discussion or meeting to explore history, context and agree future action, costs and timeframes;
  • Referrals of any staff requiring specialist support to get them back to work and/or keep them at work;
  • Assessment meeting on a 1:1 basis with individual staff member(s), resulting in recommendations for both the individual and the employer;
  • Two further face-to-face sessions: either 1:1 with employee OR meeting with both employee and employer. Telephone and email support for the individual and organisation as required during the agreed timeframe.
  • On-going intervention: follow-up support and interventions can be agreed where necessary (see below.)

Follow up support and interventions can include:

  • 1:1, face to face support for both employee and employer
  • On-going telephone and email support
  • Advice on any reasonable adjustments eg manageable hours and tasks
  • Planning and organising a safe and gradual return to work
  • Mentoring
  • Working with employee and employer to find solutions to assist employees to work more effectively
  • Continued on site assessment to help identify on-going training and development needs.

Focus on best practice and equal opportunities offering:

  • Specialist knowledge and experience to help retain employees dealing with or recovering from mental health issues, such as depression;
  • A neutral third party creating positive dialogue between employee and employer;
  • Independent mediation on personal or work issues;
  • Non-intrusive communication about mental health issues;
  • Objective views for consideration by both parties;
  • Effective management of a situation which, if left, could result in long term problems and high costs to both staff and organisation.


  • Basic service: timeframe and costs agreed after initial meeting. Basic service includes: 1:1 employee assessment, written recommendations, two further 1:1 sessions (employee or employee and employer,) plus email/telephone support throughout this period for £1350 per employee.
  • On-going support: timeframe for any necessary on-going support to be agreed on a case-by-case basis at £80 per hour, + travel.

We are happy to discuss organisational needs or individual cases: 01737 772126 or email info@mindingyourbusiness.org.uk